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GECC Developmental Services OPC works with clients and partners in the Philippines and select countries in a broad range of projects - infrastructure and utilities; transportation; energy; waste management; mining; irrigation; water supply system; agricultural development; and climate change. It also deals with policy issues in public health; health financing; and governance in health. 


GECC believes that the scope and diversity of a specific task are neither too small nor too big for the company to handle. Each new project is considered a challenge and is therefore treated with prudence and utmost diligence. Its strength lies in its highly qualified pool of consultants and well-trained personnel committed to contributing exemplary work.


Its Technical Consultants have earned the distinction of expertise and leadership in their respective professions. Moreoverthe professionalism of its staff combined with adaptability and innovation made the company an active participant in the country's stride towards progress.



GECC Developmental Services OPC shall be a respected and reliable consultancy firm on sustainable development, health and environment. 


Guided by its vision, GECC Developmental Services OPC commits to:


Provide sustainable solutions aligned with the long-term interests of the stakeholders in the community;

Comply with all local and international laws and regulations;

Maintain professional conduct and preserve high standards at all times; and

Develop strong relationships, build customer satisfaction and promote value-based service.


core and values


Meeting the objectives of human development while ensuring the sustainability of natural resource systems for future generations

Heart & Hands


Delivering the highest quality with strong dedication to excellent customer service


Adopting measures to minimize risks and mitigate impacts by taking full responsibility on all decisions and actions


Challenging the norms and exploring new options for improvement


Setting the bar above industry standards in developing efficient solutions


Committing to high ethical standards by ensuring transparency and sound decision-making at all times

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