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The late Dr. Delfin C. San Pedro, an environmental engineer, established the Global Environmental Concepts Corporation (GECC) in 2001 to provide consultancy services in environmental engineering; environmental studies; and allied fields. Over the years, GECC staff provided technical and administrative support for all of Dr. San Pedro's professional engagements and projects. GECC helped secure Environmental Compliance Certificates or ECCs; comply with reportorial requirements; and ensure regulatory compliance.


In 2016, Dr. San Pedro engaged Mr. Welesito M. Rombaua, his long time friend and associate in consulting services to manage the company. In the passing of the former, Mr. Rombaua undertook unfinished projects and organized GECC Environmental Services, a sole proprietorship.


Mr. Rombaua, an economic analyst and social safeguards specialist, expanded the company's portfolio to include multi-disciplinary consultancy projects such as conceptual planning; feasibility studies; engineering designs; environmental assessments; and audits for various infrastructure; agricultural; mining; energy; and industrial projects. The company also assisted private clients in preparing bid documents or proposals for various Public Private Partnership initiatives under competitive bidding or unsolicited proposal procurement system. His wife, Dr. Leizel Lagrada-Rombaua, brought in and worked on projects related to public health policies; health financing; and governance in health into its portfolio.


After Mr. Rombaua's passing in 2019, Dr. Lagrada-Rombaua registered the company as the GECC Developmental Services OPC with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 


Over the years, GECC's operation rests delivery of its services upon the commitment of its key staff to stricter quality, promptness and professionalism.

Mr. Welesito M. Rombaua


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